Smart Hacks To Stay Fit Doing Your Normal Daily Activities

Keeping a great and healthy body  is not always difficult as we think it to be. Going to the gym looks like a task and we naturally do not always want to get some tasks done. You are not alone in this situation, it is a common thing. You can start your personal training session right there where you are! Your body fitness starts from having the right nutrition attitude and diets. These two key points can help you get the battle half-won or half-lost. Though a strong fact, many people dispute it, so its almost an issue of school of thought.

Simple, regular exercise to keep fit isn’t as hard as most people think. You need to understand once again that exercising doesn’t start in the gym; it can be carried out anywhere at any time.

  1. You Can Take The Stairs

Thinking this is an idiot-proof idea? Boycott the usual escalator and use your stairs. A step burns 0.17 calories, for one 100 steps, 17 calories gone from your body. Using the stairs to the 15th floor might not always look a nice idea, but then it is a great way to burn out an incredible number of fat from your beautiful body, improve your health, build your muscle, improve your overall performance and go for gold.






2.  Chair dips

This is a pretty advanced exercise for most people. When eventually dared and embraced effectively you can burn as much as you would have burnt doing triceps and biceps. So give it a try.








3.   Oblique bends

Heck easy? Yes. This is a great way to burn enough and have it done without too much stress. It is a very smart way to exercise your body to improve your overall fitness. You do not really need any personal training for you to be a maestro in this. Like the Nike world famous quote, Just Do It.




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