Eco- Evolution. How Bamboo Bikes Will Change The Way We Move Around

When Ghana started the move, it was not a totally new thing. The recent creation of highly effective bikes by brings another perspective to how the eco-friendly transportation movement will change the bike lovers do their thing. Over a century ago, bicycles made from bamboo have been around. Its growth in the recent years, can be traced in part to the reintroduction of the concept by the popular bicycle designer Craig Calfee. He would later go on to form Bamboosero.

This natural resource is readily available in abundance and this presents a great opportunity for so many businesses in developing countries who can use the initiative to create job, bring in foreign currency and push away poverty. Once of such countries is Ghana in Africa and some other countries in Asia. Complete bamboo bike Guide from is a well detailed information sheet that helps people decide before they choose the best bike to purchase.

One of such reports showing the move of bamboo bike was done by CNN showing the growth in popularity and how the movement is fast changing lives.

Make sure you perform your due diligence before purchasing a bike. Be considered a can greatly assist into choosing the right equipment at the right estimate. It will save you the actual later attempting to sell or return your bike, or worse having to get another one when it breaks.


The park offers a playground for young children and also offers a playground for adults – a workout court. The outdoor exercise court has various stations for adults to turn out through doing pull ups, sit ups using the benches and hanging bars provided. I"m sure there isn"t better in order to get a physical fitness then outside in a beautiful natural configuration.

Alan Augustson Pro. Mister. Augustson does consider Global Warming and has proposals on his site to help combat Climate change. He is of the opinion how the bills before Congress don"t go far enough and then he also advocates such measures as using public transportation to arrive at work, moving closer to work in order to be able to exercise.


So, the subsequent time you need to take a vacation from your routine life, try cycling holidays. It will be a brand experience that and an item that will convince be extra meaningful than staying at hotel.